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Cannabis market experts Dale Hunt, Ph, D, JD, Ethan Russo, MD, and Robert C. Clarke have actually united their proficiency and signed up with forces to create the.

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by Apr 30, 2021 Hey all! My site is back up! You might have seen that it was down for a while. Technical problems does not even BEGIN to explain what was going on, and it was a mess of big percentages. However we will not stay on the previous! This Is Cool will not dwell on unfavorable ...

( My own therapy, not with a customer.) My brand-new therapist is a rockstar. She is so good at eliciting content, and after that she carefully challenges in this ideal way. I think this might be my favorite way ... by Sep 27, 2020 Met some of the Mayorgas today-- Carlos's half sibling. Amazing family.

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Time to tune in: There is someone waiting to join. A particular vibration. You will offer passage. Your parenting journey isn't over. You felt it several years ... by Mar 25, 2020 Okay, I get it. Online writing has actually moved to "platforms" and then then the platforms have moved to a lot more platforms, and Twitter has stayed its wonderful self throughout all of it, and the art of blogging died an ignominious death one sad night in about 2011, ...

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It was such a shock, seeing that thing spread and spread. It was terrifying and electric. There is nothing rather like it. It's a gut-dropping sensation, and in many ... by Oct 17, 2019 Hey, is anybody out there? * taps mic an irritating variety of times * crickets Quick concern: is blogging dead now? Yes? Cool.

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by Jun 7, 2018 Dear friends and family, Today is an important day for me. It marks the 16th year because Josh and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple. It also marks 6 years because we had our first viral post, which brought a number of you into our lives.

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by Jan 25, 2018 (And the post in which we truly say sorry to every member of the LGBTQIA community) (all images in the post taken by Kailey Shakespear.) (Admin note: You can see a copy of the original post from five years ago here. A copy was made because the initial post was ...

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